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Mutant Mail Allows to Reply, Receive and Send all Domain's emails from single Mailbox (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo anything).

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What the Heck is Mutant Mail?

The only Server Side Solution.

How do you reply to email that you get on your domain? ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc.)

With MutantMail you can get all those domains on your Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo, whichever you choose and just reply.

And it all goes using your domain's email id. So effectively, your all emails are flowing into one Inbox and still maintaining your alias cover.

Mutant Mail Recieve, Send, Reply from Single Inbox

What does that benefit.

Easy Email maintenance. Not joking. Every domain needs at-least five email ids (webmaster, legal, support, admin, contact). Imagine if you have 5 domains. That's 25 email ids.

Faster email response. No more logging into individual email ids anymore. No more headache of remember passwords. Just reply and Mutant Mail will take care of sending it via your domain.

No need to pay for email hosting. No need to put 25 email ids in one email client. Anything your inbox support (including client), Mutant Mail supports.

This kind of solution comes once in a long time. That's actually never been done before. I am in. Send me JV Updates.

Why choose Mutant Mail?

For making email management easy.

Mutant Mail maintains your alias, whenever you hit reply in your mailbox, and ensures the receiver gets an email from your correct alias, instead of your current mailbox.

So, effectively you can send, reply and receive to/from [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] using any inbox of your choice.

Skip, login to every email id daily with us.

Mutant Mail Recieve, Send, Reply from Single Inbox
Mutant Mail needed for single business?

The benefit starts with a single domain.

Each domain minimum needs five email alias (admin, help, legal, support, webmaster).

It's a hustle to log in to each one daily and reply, making sure none of the important emails are delayed.

Just imagine having five domains. That's 25 email id.

Better than Email forwarder/Client.

Email clients are a mess as the email id counts go higher. Forget 25 and try adding 10 to an email client.

Email clients cannot be used remotely in case your laptop is not handy.

Then, of course, you need to choose from the drop-down every time you reply to an email, to maintain an appearance.

Email forwarders are awesome, but you cannot reply through them, as they will not maintain your business email id alias.

Mutant Mail Email Forwarding
Mutant Mail Email Id Segregation

For Email IDs Segregation.

Let's say you run multiple businesses, and you want to segregate email id across multiple domains into groups.

With Mutant Mail, every email id could be configured for a different destination email. That mean, all support emails can go to the email your support team manages, or all legal email can go to the email your legal team handle, and so on. Segregating your email id types across the business.

And do not worry, each of the forwarded emails can be replied to easily while maintaining the alias appearance it was sent on.

It's the only server side solution in market for replying all emails from one Inbox. I am in. Send me JV Updates.

How It Works

1. Sign on Mutant Mail

Every good thing starts with registration and Mutant Mail has adopted everything great.

Our Sign up is the fastest out there and requires only 3 fields, to keep everything privacy-related in check.

Mutant Mail Register
Mutant Mail Email Aliases

2. Add your Domain

Just go to the "Your domains" tab, and follow the two-step process.

It requires copy and pasting a few lines.

The process will attach your domain's email through Mutant Mail gateway to receive, send and reply to emails from a single mailbox.

3. Finally the email

Generate Email ID either on the fly or generate beforehand.

If the catch-all is enabled, we'll automatically create the alias in your dashboard as soon as it receives its first email.

You can reply to these and send a new email, from the convenience of your inbox, while maintaining your alias persona!

Mutant Mail Manage Aliases

Comes with Absolute Privacy, Zero Logging, No Snooping. I am in. Send me JV Updates.

Silent Features

Reply from your mailbox

Single Inbox for your domains

We have a lovely interface, but You don't need to login into our system to reply, receive or send email through your domain email id.

To reply to any email received on your forwarded email (eg on Gmail) all you need to do is click on reply, and your recipient will get an email from your domain's email id.

This is great if you want to keep your alias appearance and also the convenience of your current email provider.

Complete Encryption

Bring your own GPG/OpenPGP public keys and add them per recipient.

You can then easily toggle encryption on and off. With encryption on, all forwarded messages will be encrypted with your public key. Only you will be able to decrypt them with the corresponding private key.

This is great if you are using Gmail or Outlook and wish to prevent any inbox snooping.

Mutant Mail GPG/OpenPGP Encryption
Custom Domains

Control Your Alias

Attach your Domain and use it for email e.g. [email protected].

MutantMail allows you to enable or disable the catch-all functionality for each of your domains.

You can then manage your aliases and deactivate/delete any that start receiving spam!

Additionally, rules can be created to block specific sender

Multiple Recipients

If you'd like an alias to go to more than one recipient you can easily add multiple recipients from your dashboard.

Certainly useful, when you are at work email but don't want to miss out emails on important alias.

Multiple Recipients
Reply to and Send from

Email ID segregation

In case you want to segregate your email ids, across your domains. For example, all [email protected] should go to one email id, and all [email protected] goto other, it's very easy to implement.

Our customers are doing it to segregate their operation, support emails from admin and legal emails.

API Access

Manage your aliases, recipients, domains and additional usernames using the MutantMail API.

In order to use the API you first need to generate an API access token in your account settings.

Mutant Mail API
Mutant Mail Blend In Crowd

Anonymity and Privacy

We absolutely would hate our emails to be snooped on. So, we have ensured same for our customers.

We do not store, log or track any email content. Only thing we log is size of email, without tracking where it came from and for whom.

Additional security like Two-factor authentication and PGP encryption can be used at will.

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If you run into any kind of problem, issues or have questions. Reach us immediately. We want you to make money, and time waste, is money loss.

Mutant Mail Recieve, Send, Reply from Single Inbox

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