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Simple! 3 Step System.

1. Register Yourself

Your registered username is used to create your first set of alias. Eg, [email protected]

Add your custom domain and create Alias (including catch-all). Avoid hassle of paying or login for each individual email account.

You can Send and Reply via these alias, directly using your own email inbox (gmail, hotmail anyting).

Mutant Mail Register
Mutant Mail Email Aliases

2. Add your Domain & Email

Copy and Paste 3 lines to Add your domain.

Generate Email either on the fly or generate beforehand.

For example, you can enter [email protected] while signing up for newsletter.

We'll automatically create the alias in your dashboard as soon as it receives its first email. You can reply to emails and send mail, as your alias using your own inbox!

3. Manage Aliases

Let's say a spammer gets hold of one of your aliases and start sending unsolicited email to it. You can simply toggle a switch in your dashboard and deactivate that alias.

Our system will then silently discard any further emails and you won't be forwarded anything else for that alias.

You can also delete the alias. Then our system will reject any emails and respond with an error.

Mutant Mail Manage Aliases

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What do we Provide?

Reply from your mailbox

Central Mailbox

You don't need to login into our system to reply or send email as your alias.

To reply to any email your received on your forwarded email (eg on gmail), all you need to do is click on reply, and your recipient will get email from your alias.

This is great if you want to keep your alias appearance, for business or personal reason, and also convenience of your current email provider.

Bulletproof Encryption

Bring your own GPG/OpenPGP public keys and add them per recipient.

You can then easily toggle encryption on and off. With encryption on, all forwarded messages will be encrypted with your public key. Only you will be able to decrypt them with the corresponding private key.

This is great if you are using Gmail or Outlook and wish to prevent any inbox snooping.

Mutant Mail GPG/OpenPGP Encryption
Custom Domains

Bring Your Domain

If you have your own domain you can add it and use it for email e.g. [email protected].

You can also enable or disable the catch-all functionality for each of your domains.

You can then manage your aliases and deactivate/delete any that start receiving spam!

Multiple Recipients Per Alias

If you'd like an alias to go to more than one recipient you can easily add multiple recipients from your dashboard.

You can even add recipients to an alias as it is created by doing [email protected]

Where 2,3 and 4 are the keys for existing recipients in your account.

Multiple Recipients
Reply to and Send from

Reply And Send using Aliases

Reply anonymously to forwarded emails, the sender will receive the email as if it has come from the alias.

You can even initiate an email conversation by sending an email from one of your aliases.

Your real email address is not revealed when replying or sending from an alias.

API Access

Manage your aliases, recipients, domains and additional usernames using the MutantMail API.

In order to use the API you first need to generate an API access token in your account settings.

Documentation in progress

Mutant Mail API
Mutant Mail Blend In Crowd

Blend Into The Crowd

If you don't like the fact that all your aliases contain your username then you can generate random unique aliases from your dashboard.

The generated aliases will look something like this [email protected] or [email protected]

This prevents anyone linking ownership of the alias to you.

Add Additional Usernames

You can add additional usernames to your account and use them exactly like the one you signed up with.

So if you signed up as janedoe, you can add johnsmith as an additional username and then use [email protected] too.

This can be used to compartmentalise your aliases. You could have a username for work emails a different one for personal emails etc.

Mutant Mail Additional Usernames


Everything in Free
30 Aliases
2 Custom Domains
3 Additional Username
5 Recipient Email
Paid Plan Settings
Option to disable catch-all
3 Additional Alias Domains
150MB Monthly Bandwidth
View Failed Deliveries
$3 / month

Billed Yearly, $5 Billed Monthly

Everything in Silver
50 Aliases
5 Custom Domains
10 Additional Usernames
15 Recipient Email
Paid Plan Settings
Option to disable catch-all
3 Additional Alias Domains
Priority Email Queue
500MB Monthly Bandwidth
View Failed Deliveries
$8 / month

Billed Yearly, $10 Billed Monthly

Everything in Gold
100 Aliases
20 Custom Domains
30 Additional Usernames
50 Recipient Email
Paid Plan Settings
Option to disable catch-all
3 Additional Alias Domains
Priority Email Queue
2GB Monthly Bandwidth
View Failed Deliveries
$24 / month

Billed Yearly, $27 Billed Monthly

10 Aliases
1 Custom Domain
1 Recipient Email
Public Key Per Recipient
API Access
75MB Monthly Bandwidth
*That is approximately 1100 emails

Frequently Asked Question.

There are a number of reasons you should use this service:

  • Central Mailbox to reply emails. Simply imagine yourself having 10 domains, each with 5 emails. Do you really want to login into 50 inbox to reply emails?
  • Prevent inbox snooping by encrypting all inbound emails using GPG/OpenPGP encryption
  • Protect your email address from spam by simply deactivating/deleting aliases that receive unsolicited emails
  • Reply to forwarded emails anonymously without revealing your true email address
  • Identify who has sold your data by using a different email address for every site
  • Protect your identity in the event of a data breach by making it difficult for hackers to cross-reference your accounts
  • Update where emails are forwarded without having to go through and change your email address for each site individually

Yes this will work with any provider (gmail, hotmail, yahoo or any other).
Do remember, email reputation is highly dependent on domain reputation.So, it is quite possible initial few emails might land in spam.

No, We do not store or save any emails that pass through the server.

You can use your own domain name so you can also have *@example.com as your aliases. To do so you simply need to add a TXT record to verify your ownership of the domain. Then you will need to add an MX record to your domain so that our server can handle incoming emails. You can then add a few other records to enable sending from your domain too.

Absolutely. If you have a custom domain say example.com and you are using it to host a website somewhere else e.g. Godaddy or Namecheap then you can simply update the MX and TXT records to use it simultaneously with MutantMail for email.

If you have a custom domain say example.com and you are already using it for email somewhere else e.g. Godaddy or Namecheap then you cannot also use it simultaneously with MutantMail.

This is because emails cannot be handled by multiple different mail servers at the same time, even if they have the same priority MX records. It can only be delivered to one mail server at a time which will typically be the MX record with the smallest number since this has the highest priority.

Options are :

  • Migrate to MutantMail by removing the current provider's MX records and adding MutantMail's.
  • Or, if you would like to keep using your domain with your current email provider then add subdomain of it to MutantMail such as mail.example.com.
Using a subdomain will not interfere with your current email setup and you'll be able to create aliases *@mail.example.com through MutantMail.

A shared domain alias is any alias that has a domain name that is also shared with other users. For example anyone can generate an alias with the @cliffmail.com domain. Aliases with shared domain names must be pre-generated and cannot be created on-the-fly like standard aliases.

A standard alias is any alias that can be created on-the-fly. Automatic on-the-fly alias creation is only available for domains that are unique to you. For example, your unique username subdomain, any additional usernames or any custom domains. So if you signed up with the username "janedoe", any alias you create using @janedoe.mutantmail.com would be a standard alias (even if you've generated a UUID/Random Word one).

Use GPG/OpenPGP key for encryption. On the recipients page you simply need to click "Add public key" and paste in your public key data. Now all emails forwarded to you will be encrypted with your key. You should also replace the subject line of forwarded messages in your account settings as this cannot be encrypted.

Yes attachments are part of the email body and are also encrypted if you have it enabled.

It varies depending on the plan you are on at present.

Each masked email that has been forwarded to your inbox has a From: header set.
Eg, From: <[email protected]>
Where [email protected] is the address of the person that sent you the email and [email protected] is the recipient alias.
All you need to do is click reply in your email client or web interface and it will automatically fill the To: field with the correct address.
This can be verified in your dashboard by increment of reply count for that alias.

If you are tying to reply or send from an alias, but the email keeps coming back to yourself then most likely reason is, you are sending the message from an email address that is not listed as a verified recipient on your MutantMail account.
If you try to reply or send from an alias using an unverified email address then the message will simply be forwarded to you as it would be if it was sent by any other sender.
Please double check that you are indeed sending from a verified recipient email.

If you see the rejection message 5.7.1 Recipient address rejected: Address does not exist then this means that the alias has either been deleted or does not yet exist (and you do not have catch-all enabled), you must restore (or create) it before you can send/reply from it.

If you see the rejection message 5.7.1 Rejected due to missing/failed DMARC policy... then it is because your MutantMail recipient's domain either does not have a DMARC policy or it has failed DMARC checks.
This is usually because you have a verified recipient that is using your own domain which does not have a DMARC policy.

When replying or sending from an alias, additional checks are carried out to ensure it is not a spoofed email. Your MutantMail recipient's email domain must pass DMARC checks in order to protect against spoofed emails and to make sure that the reply/send from attempt definitely came from your recipient.
To resolve this you simply need to add a DMARC record, which can be easily done by clicking Re-verify in your custom domains section.

No, your real email will not be shown, the email will look as if it has come from your alias instead. Just make sure not to include anything that might point to your original email when composing the reply, eg. your full name.

Yes you can add attachments to emails forwarded and replies. Attachments count towards your bandwidth.
The max email size is currently set to 10MB (including attachments).

Each time a new email is received Server calculates its size in bytes. A column in the database is then simply incremented by that size when the email is forwarded or a reply is sent. At the start of each month your bandwidth is reset to 0.
We don't use rolling 30 day total as the only way to do this would be to log the date and size of every single email received.

Blocked emails do not count towards your bandwidth (e.g. an alias is inactive or deleted).

If you get close to your limit (over 80%) you'll be sent an email letting you know. If you continue and go over your limit the server will start discarding emails until your bandwidth resets the next month or you upgrade your plan.