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This article guides you through the steps of how to use your warm-up software to warm up an domain / email id associated with Mutant Mail.

This is an Advance Option. Make sure you know what you are doing.

Enable the feature in your settings

To enable this feature for your email id, you need to enable it at your account level first.

Click on your username in the top right corner on Mutant Mail dashboard.

Choose the settings option from the menu.

Search for setting related to "Warm UP".

Choose Yes from the drop-down option.

Save it using the button.

Add a recipient email id for warm up

We strongly advice to use a new recipient email id (in recipient inbox tab) for warm up feature.

As credentials for this recipient email id, will need to be fed into your warm up software (Instantly, mailwarm etc).

Please ensure the recipient email id you use has a imap option.

WARNING : Do not use a free email provider mailbox for Warm-up, as it can impact Mutant Mail's deliveribility and will lead to Ban
Best option is to use a self-hosted mailbox for email warmup.

G-Suite doesn't support IMAP anymore, so cannot be used for warm up recipient email id

To add new recipient email id :

  1. Go to "Recipient Inbox" in Mutant Mail dashboard.
  2. Click on "Add Recipient" button.
  3. Enter the recipient email id and click on "Add Recipient" button.
  4. Go to your email id to verify the ownership of recipient email id.
  5. Ensure a green "verified" text is show next to your recipient email id.

Set up your warmup configuration in Mutant Mail.

This is the easiest part.

  1. Go to "Email IDs" tab on Mutant Mail dashboard.
  2. Click on "triple dot" next email id you want to use for Warm up.
  3. Choose "Warm up settings" from the menu.
  4. Choose the recipient email id you added above from the drop down options.
  5. Click "Update Recipient" button.

Set up your warmup in your Warm UP tool.

The process will remain same for any warm up tool, but UI will be slightly different.

These steps are to be done on your warm up tool.

  1. Start to add your email id for warm up in your warm up tool.
  2. Put in the name, exactly as you use in Display name in Mutant Mail dashboard.
  3. Put in the email id you want to warm up.
  4. Choose option as IMAP/SMTP for warm up configuration.
  5. In the IMAP configuration :
    1. In username, put username of your warmup recipient email id.
    2. In password, put password of your warmup recipient email id.
    3. In IMAP Host, enter imap setting of your warmup recipient email id.
    4. In IMAP port, enter imap setting of your warmup recipient email id.
  6. In the SMTP settings, put configuration of STMP, ideally where you will be sending your campaigns from. Or you can use SMTP configuration of any SMTP server you own/host (including one for your website). Remember, don't use SMTP settings of Gmail/Hotmail (major free service provider here).
Warm up your email id

In this example : * Email id "contact at fresent.com" is the email id on "Email IDs" tab of Mutant Mail * "mmwarmup at <self_hosted>.com" in the warmup recipient email id used. * "storm at incises.com" is the smtp server used.

SMTP settings doesn't have to have username same as your email id, almost any smtp server (except major free providers), cam send email on any domain's behalf.

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